Country Focus: Singapore – Anti-Corruption Compliance and Corporate Practices

Authored by Eversheds, this whitepaper outlines latest anti-corruption developments in Singapore, with a particular focus on the experience of the private sector. Download this whitepaper to explore Singapore’s anti-corruption landscape and best practice guidance on how to address any gaps in your organisation’s anti-corruption program to manage and reduce risk. Full synopsis

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How are businesses in Singapore responding to bribery and corruption in 2016?

In a recent study commissioned by Eversheds, “Beneath the Surface”, 500 board-level executives in large organisations across 12 countries, including 50 executives in Singapore, were asked how their organisations managed bribery and corruption risk. While the economic impact of corrupt activity is well-understood by the Singaporean business community, the study revealed findings on the private sector’s experience with corruption, with a number of Singapore-based respondents acknowledging key gaps in their organisation’s anti-corruption program.

Areas of analysis include:

  • Background and recent anti-corruption developments in Singapore
  • Research findings on Singapore’s private sector’s experience with anti-corruption compliance, including:
    (1) What business leaders are most concerned about when managing corruption risk;
    (2) Key gaps and threats Singapore-based businesses face in managing corruption risks;
    (3) Do organisations in Singapore have adequate anti-corruption programs and training in place?
  • Best practice guidance on incorporating ‘tone from the top’ in an organisation’s anti-bribery program.
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