Helping organisations successfully implement cost-effective third-party risk management programmes to identify, mitigate and manage risks posed by their third parties.

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The fight against corruption is one of the greatest struggles of our time with immeasurable associated costs leading to injustice, economic decay and social unrest.


Every year $1 trillion is paid in bribes while an estimated $2.6 trillion is stolen annually through corruption – a sum equivalent to more than 5 per cent of global GDP. In developing countries, according to the United Nations Development Program, funds lost to corruption are estimated at ten times the amount of official development assistance.


In response, the market, shareholders and authorities are demanding previously unparalleled levels of transparency from governments and businesses, as the focus on ‘getting things right’ continues to intensify.


At ethiXbase, we view corruption as a growing global threat. Therefore, from our inception in 2011, we have made it our mission to help firms, no matter how large or small, reduce the risks of bribery and corruption impacting their organisation.


Our utopia: a business environment in which companies are committed to doing business with integrity avoiding corruption of any form while complying with anti-corruption laws of every country in which they operate.


As a leader, participant and influencer in the areas in which you operate, how can your organisation play a part in shaping a transparent and fair business world while protecting yourselves from allegations of bribery and corruption?


I encourage you to start by understanding your organisation’s third-party ecosystems and your processes, to help create a transparent, open and honest business environment in which you and your business partners wish to operate.


Demonstrating the commitment to conduct business ethically, begins with knowing everyone you do business with, in your third-party network.


Historically, the cost and complexity of managing your global third-party ecosystems and achieving 100% compliance prohibited many organisations from conducting due diligence on all their third parties. However, this does not need to be daunting or expensive.


Since the launch of our third-party risk management platform in November 2016, we have helped many organisations to implement successful, cost-effective third-party risk and compliance programmes. We look forward to assisting you in identifying, mitigating and managing risks posed by your third parties.


The ethiXbase platform has been developed hand-in-hand with our clients, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enable an automated, easy to use, streamlined risk management system which strengthens your third-party compliance lifecycle.


We are also excited to extend the scope of our work beyond corruption/bribery risks to include new areas such as Human Rights, Labour, and Environment in alignment with the UN Global Compact principles.


We look forward to partnering with you on your journey towards 100% third-party compliance as we collectively strive to enhance business ethics and anti-corruption compliance.


To our existing customers, we sincerely thank you for your continued support. To new customers, we welcome the opportunity to serve you with passion and excellence.


On behalf of every employee at ethiXbase, I assure you that we are motivated and inspired by the opportunities to enable you to succeed by putting in place the right programmes to protect your organisation.


ethiXbase strives to be the best third-party compliance provider in the industry by continuously meeting and exceeding your expectations.


Kind Regards,

Leas Bachatene
Chief Executive Officer & advocate of 100% third-party compliance

Leas Bachatene


Leas Bachatene is a proven business leader with over 15 years of experience, having established and led commercial organisations in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.


Leas joined Complinet Group in 2004, a leading provider of compliance solutions for the financial services industry. He went on to found their operations in both the Middle East and Asia. Within 4 years of inception these operations contributed to over 15% of the group’s revenue.


Complinet was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2010 to form the cornerstone of their Governance, Risk and Compliance business. Following the acquisition, Leas served as Managing Director of Thomson Reuters’ GRC division in the Asia Pacific where the business saw double-digit growth year-on-year during his five-year tenure. During this period Leas spearheaded the acquisition of a major e-learning provider and was key to the successful integration of the GRC businesses with the broader Financial and Risk division.


Prior to joining Complinet Leas led various commercial divisions within the publishing industry for Informa Group and in London.


Leas holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a High Diploma in Marketing and a Master’s in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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