United States: Whistleblower in Orthofix Bribery Case Awarded $1.8 Million

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission awarded $1.8 million to a whistleblower whose tip helped the regulator conduct an investigation that led to bribery charges against Orthofix International NV.

The regulator, which announced the award Friday, didn’t name the company nor did it identify the tipster, but lawyers representing the whistleblower said the award was connected to a 2017 bribery settlement involving Orthofix, a Lewisville, Texas, medical-device company.

The tipster, a doctor in Brazil, provided information to the SEC about an alleged kickback scheme operated by an Orthofix subsidiary in that country, according to the lawyers, Christopher Connors of Connors Law Group LLC and Andy Rickman of Rickman Law Group LLP.

The original full article can be found at wsj.com

(Photo: AevanStock/Shutterstock)

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