United States: U.S. urged to get tougher on companies over forced labor abroad

The United States must do more to prevent forced labour and exploitation in the global supply chains of U.S. companies, current and former anti-trafficking ambassadors said on Wednesday, days before President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

Holding companies liable for child labour committed overseas and compelling businesses to outline measures taken to ensure their operations are slavery-free were among the suggestions during a virtual panel hosted by the U.S. State Department.

The recommendations came as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced it would ban all cotton and tomato imports from China’s Xinjiang region over allegations they are made with forced labour from Uighur Muslims detained in camps.

The latest and strongest action to-date by the United States against China follows measures this week by Britain and Canada on goods from Xinjiang. China denies mistreatment and says the camps are vocational training centres needed to fight extremism.

The original full article can be found at reuters.com


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