United States: Insurance magnate Greg Lindberg convicted of attempted bribery

(Photo: AP)

A major political donor was convicted Thursday of trying to bribe a North Carolina insurance regulator with millions of dollars in campaign funds in hopes of reducing scrutiny of his insurance business.

A federal jury found insurance magnate Greg Lindberg guilty on Thursday of conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud and bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds, according to court documents. John Gray, who worked as a consultant for Lindberg, was also convicted of the two counts.

“The defendants devised an elaborate plan to make a hefty campaign contribution to an elected official to secure favorable action. This was not a lapse in judgment. It was a deliberate bribery attempt and a clear violation of federal law,” US Attorney Andrew Murray said in a statement after the verdict. “Public corruption is a threat to our way of life and if left unchecked it can tear apart the very fabric of our country.”

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