United States: Former Boston City Hall aide in prison for bribery released early due to COVID-19 outbreak

The former Boston City Hall aide who was sentenced to 40 months behind bars after accepting a $50,000 bribe from a developer is being released early because of the COVID-19 risk at a local federal prison, according to a judge’s order.

In a Jan. 5 order, Judge Patti B. Saris allowed John M. Lynch to be released and instead serve two years of home confinement with an electronic bracelet. Saris stated Lynch, 68, is at high risk for COVID-19 “due to coronary and kidney issues,” and also referenced his age. The judge said that coronavirus cases have spiked at FMC Devens, where Lynch has been imprisoned, during the last three weeks.

“There are varying estimates from a high of 262 inmates to a low of 129 inmates, and multiple staff, the disparity may be due to double counting test results,” read the order. “Either way, Devens has become a hotspot.”

The original full article can be found at bostonglobe.com


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