United States: FBI Increasingly Probes for Corruption Overseas

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken on a bigger role in foreign investigations with U.S. ties, expanding its international corruption unit in recent years to pursue individuals and organizations involved in crimes such as bribery, kleptocracy and antitrust.

The bureau’s newest international corruption squad in particular, set up last year in Miami, shows how agents are helping tackle foreign bribery through enforcement of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and kleptocracy violations via U.S. money-laundering rules. The Miami team has worked at least five cases, including several that led to high-profile settlements this year.

“The FBI has participated in these investigations for years, and it appears to be taking a larger and more focused and better-resourced role, especially in FCPA matters,” said Matteson Ellis, an attorney who specializes in international anticorruption compliance and enforcement at Miller & Chevalier Chartered.

The FCPA prohibits U.S. persons and entities from giving or offering anything of value to foreign public officials to win business.

The original full article can be found at wsj.com


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