United States: Ex-Maywood mayor, 10 others charged in bribery, corruption scandal

Los Angeles County prosecutors announced bribery and corruption charges Thursday against Maywood’s former mayor and a slew of ex-city officials and vendors after a years-long probe into allegations that city leaders engaged in pay-to-play practices, misused public funds and twisted the tiny city’s purse strings for their own benefit.

Former Mayor Ramon Medina was charged with multiple counts of solicitation of a bribe, conspiracy, embezzlement and theft, according to a 34-count criminal complaint made public Thursday. Prosecutors allege Medina took donations during his 2015 City Council campaign from contributors whom he promised to later reward with city work. Many of those contributors are now listed among his co-defendants.

The corruption scandal also ensnared ex-City Manager Reuben Martinez and former city planning director David Mango, who is charged with multiple counts of theft, misuse of funds, embezzlement and conspiracy after they allegedly sought to sell properties earmarked for affordable housing to a buyer who wanted to erect a bingo hall, according to the complaint.

The original full article can be found at latimes.com

(Photo: Bryan Chan / Los Angeles County)

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