United States: ‘Dark money’ group admits involvement in Householder bribery scandal

Representatives of a dark-money political action committee signed a guilty plea Friday admitting involvement in a massive bribery scheme in Ohio to protect a $1 billion nuclear plant bailout.

The plea agreement comes seven months after the arrest of former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and several others on charges of participating in what federal prosecutors describe as the largest political corruption case in Ohio history.

Prosecutors say the political group, Generation Now, received tens of millions of dollars that Householder and others used to pay bribes, fund his own political activities and run a public campaign supporting the nuclear bailout.

Generation Now was set up as a social welfare nonprofit, which allowed it to avoid disclosing donors. Federal authorities have said Generation Now’s real purpose was to protect the nuclear plant bailout and enrich Householder and others.

The original full article can be found at cincinnati.com

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