United States: Dallas City Hall corruption scandals continue with another developer accused of bribery scheme

As Dallas city officials strive to restore confidence in their affordable housing programs, more federal bribery indictments are being filed as part of an ongoing probe into City Hall corruption in which, according to prosecutors, public money flowed to developers who paid bribes for their projects.

The latest to be charged in federal court in Dallas is Sherman Roberts, 66, a nonprofit housing developer based in southern Dallas. His indictment, filed on Wednesday, says he paid bribes to two former Dallas City Council members in exchange for their help in getting his affordable housing projects approved.

The council members are not named in the indictment, but “Council Member A” is Carolyn Davis and “Council Member B” is Dwaine Caraway, according to evidence in the documents and officials.

Davis pleaded guilty in March 2019 in a separate City Hall bribery indictment and died four months later in a car crash that also claimed her daughter. She was accused of accepting money from Ruel Hamilton, a longtime Dallas developer of affordable housing who is scheduled to go to trial next year.

The original full article can be found at dallasnews.com

(Photo: ae S. Lee / Staff Photographer)

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