United States: 5 More Executives Linked To Corruption Scandal

City Attorney Dennis Herrera announced 5 executives and their companies were found out to be connected to the Mohammed Nuru public corruption scandal. The scandal surfaced February 12 after Florence Kong admitted to bribing Mohammed Nuru with gifts that included a $36,000 gold Rolex watch and for bribing a public official and making false statements to the FBI. All 5 executives were given suspensions. 

The suspension came from the new anti-corruption rule that was signed by Mayor London Breed in November 2020 and put into effect on Christmas day. This new rule is an example of the consequences the 5 executives must face. The rule allows suspensions even while the executives’ cases are still looping through criminal court.

The Suspension order is of the following: 

  • Nick James Bovis and his company SMTM Technology, LLC 
  • Alan Varela and William Gilmartin and their company ProVen Management Inc. 
  • Florence Kong and her companies SFR Recovery Inc. And Kwan Wo Ironworks Inc. 
  • Wing Lok “Walter” Wong and his companies W. Wong Construction Co., Inc., Green Source Trading, LLC, and Alternate Choice, LLC 

Herrera explained that the suspension order stops the contractors from seeking or receiving any contracts or grants, directly or indirectly, from San Francisco while their cases are being investigated. He also said, Crooked public officials or people who seek to bribe their way into City contracts fail our residents, erode public trust, and undermine the exceptional work done by thousands of San Francisco public servants every day.” 

The original full article can be found at thesfnews.com

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