Why United Nations Global Compact?

Long-term business success matters – and so do your workers, communities and the planet.

Responsible business practices, combined with collaboration and innovation, can bring about powerful change in the markets and societies. The connection between your organisation’s bottom-line and the environmental, social and governance practices is becoming clear.

We Can Help

We help organisations shape a sustainable future. You need to be part of it.

We know that many organisations have struggled with the application of United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) to their supply chains. As a UNGC participant, we are committed in helping organisations do business right for you and your supply chains in the areas of bribery and corruption, sustainability, human rights and labour.


We combine innovative technology and expertise to create a market-leading platform and workflow that can quickly translate corporate goals within all areas of the UNGC into measurable improvement within the supply chain and distribution channels.


We are currently working with an increasing number of members of the UNGC to create improvement in all areas of the core principals of the UNGC.

Our Commitment

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