United Kingdom: UK government to review green retail electricity tariffs

On Monday, the British government said it will review green retail electricity tariffs due to concerns that energy companies could be exaggerating how environmentally friendly their products are.

The government said 9 million British households are on “green” tariffs, with more than half of all new electricity tariffs launched now labelled as “100% renewables” or “green”.

The review will look into whether the current system is transparent and whether the rules around what can be called a green tariff remain fit for purpose.

Currently, energy companies can market tariffs as green even if some of the energy they supply comes from fossil fuels, as long as this is offset by purchasing renewable energy certificates.

For a tariff to be labelled as green or 100% renewable, a supplier must be able to show evidence that they have enough certificates to cover the energy consumed by customers on that tariff.

The original full article can be found at reuters.com

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