United Kingdom: SFO recover £1.2 million from luxury flat owner in oil bribe scandal exposed by UK whistleblower

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has secured £1.2 million from the owner of a £4.25 million luxury London apartment who was at the centre of a bribery scandal exposed by a UK whistleblower trapped in Croatia.

Julio Faerman was implicated in Brazil’s “Operation Car Wash” which uncovered systematic bribery to win contracts from the Brazilian state oil company Petrobas.

While under investigation by Brazilian prosecutors, Faerman admitted paying bribes to win contracts for the Dutch company SBM Offshore NV, for whom he acted as an agent.

He is subject to a co-operation agreement with the Brazilian prosecuting authorities, having paid a settlement of around US$54m.

The original full article can be found at telegraph.co.uk

(Photo: Charlie Bibby/FT)

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