United Kingdom: Police launch campaign to tackle modern slavery

People are being urged to watch out for signs of modern slavery as police launch a campaign to raise awareness about the crime.

Last year police received 228 referrals warning of people across Scotland who may have been the victim of labour exploitation.

There are fears many potential crimes have gone unreported as victims were less visible during the lockdown and the figure is expected to increase significantly when restrictions ease again.

Police said that men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds can fall victim to exploitation at work where they may be paid little or no legal wage, be controlled and their choices limited with poor working conditions putting their safety at risk.

Labour exploitation often occurs in criminal enterprises but can also happen in legitimate industry sectors, with agriculture including fruit picking and food processing, construction, packaging, and offshore fishing regarded as being most at risk in Scotland.

Police Scotland has launched a campaign to highlight the issue, asking people to be aware and vigilant of the signs of exploitation, and explaining what they should do if they have concerns.

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