United Kingdom: Ministry of Defence Climate Change and Sustainability Strategic Approach

An international priority and global challenge

In 2021 and beyond, the UK Government will make tackling climate change and biodiversity loss its number one international priority. Through the Integrated Review, the UK is building on a record as a climate and sustainability leader, and we will soon host UN COP26. We were the first major economy to pass laws to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. We are committed to delivering the world’s most ambitious environmental programme. And as one of five UN security council permanent members, we have an emphasised role and responsibility in the meeting (and supporting others to meet) the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The UK’s commitment requires defence’s full involvement, and, in Defence, we are committed to playing our part. Defence can and will take a lead in response to the emerging geopolitical and conflict-related threats exacerbated by climate change. We will adapt our own military and work with others, too.

Future environments require our armed forces to anticipate change

Extreme temperatures, increased flooding, new and unfamiliar reasons for conflict: the way climate change could eventually change our world is complex and hard to predict. The severest effects are only just beginning to show.

Armed forces the world over will face this challenge and will need to build resilience. A defence properly organised for climate change is one that will be better able to defend its citizens.

Defence not just adapting but addressing climate change

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