United Kingdom: Human trafficking and modern slavery on the rise in Scotland

Police have revealed that despite lockdown restrictions, Scotland has seen a rise in human trafficking.

Over the last year, the lockdown has meant travel restrictions, however, a Scottish Police detective specialising in modern slavery has revealed that there has been an increase in human trafficking cases over the course of last year.

Speaking in an interview for this month’s edition of 1919, Scotland’s justice and social affairs magazine, Detective Superintendent Fil Capaldi highlighted the increasingly worrying situation in Scotland.

He revealed that since last year, the National Human Trafficking Unit in Police Scotland has seen a five per cent increase on this time last year.

Detective Superintendent Fil Capaldi said: “For the calendar year 2020, we had 387 potential victims, but then you’ve got to take into account that global lockdown, restrictions in global travel, restrictions in ports, and even freight coming in for clandestine entries.

“But year to date, we had a five per cent increase. And that’s taking into account there are still loads of restrictions in global travel, with lots of different countries obviously still using different lockdown procedures.

The original full article can be found at heraldscotland.com

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