United Kingdom: Global anti-corruption sanctions: information note for non-government organisations

The Global Anti-Corruption (GAC) sanctions regime was established on 26 April 2021 via The Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions Regulations 2021. The primary legislation underpinning the Regulations is the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018.

The GAC sanctions regime allows the UK government to impose sanctions in response to serious corruption around the world. The regime is not intended to target individual countries, but individuals or organisations involved in serious corruption.

The measures which can be imposed under the GAC sanctions regime are travel bans and asset freezes.

This note provides further information about the GAC sanctions regime, including its purpose and scope, and the information required in considering designations. Its aim is to support understanding of the regime for those who may wish to submit information to the FCDO concerning specific designations.

The UK has a range of autonomous sanctions regimes, each with a different purpose and a different geographical or thematic scope. Anyone considering sending information to the FCDO concerning possible designations should consider which sanctions regime is most relevant.

The original full article can be found at gov.uk

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