United Kingdom: Boohoo suppliers investigated for money laundering and VAT fraud

The National Crime Agency (NCA) is investigating companies that supply the fast-fashion giant Boohoo on suspicion of money laundering and VAT fraud.

Britain’s crime-fighting agency is looking into the Leicester textile industry, which plays a key role in the supply chain of Boohoo, the £4bn retail behemoth owned by the Kamani family.

NCA officials have evidence from whistleblowers in the city’s garment factories, who are understood to have provided documents that detail alleged money laundering and VAT fraud.

Andrew Bridgen, the Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire who has also helped the investigation, said: “It appears that the criminality in Leicester’s garment supply industry extends much further than modern slavery and into endemic VAT fraud and money laundering.

The original full article can be found at thetimes.co.uk

(Photo: AFP)


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