UAE: Nine people jailed in Abu Dhabi over money laundering, tax evasion

R.S.A., a British expatriate, has been sentenced to ten years in jail and ordered to pay a Dh5 million fine, to be followed by deportation, a court in Abu Dhabi has ruled. Seven other defendants — French expat H.N.Z., German expat G.A.S, Kyrgyz expat S.A., Kazakh expat A.A., Lithuanian expat V.S., Indian expat S.M.S., and Dutch expat R.A.A. – have all been sentenced to seven years in jail and ordered to pay Dh5 million, to be followed by deportation. A.A.M., an Emirati, has also been sentenced to seven years in jail and ordered to pay Dh5 million in fines.

The court also ordered nine companies to each pay Dh50 million in fines. Proceeds from their financial crimes, including cash as well as tangible and intangible assets, have also been seized.

The arrest and prosecution of the accused took place in compliance with various authorities and after thorough tracking and scrutiny of financial transactions, as part of the UAE’s integrated efforts to combat money laundering.

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(Photo: Gulf News Archives)

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