Automate and Streamline Your Third-Party Compliance Programme


With increased regulatory and reputational pressure, and more complex supply chains, third-party risk management is becoming increasingly important for organisations.  

Trends such as the growing number and complexity of third-party relationships, increasing penalties, and growing demand for responsible and ethical operations have led to organisations taking a risk-based approach to managing their third-party risk.  

If organisations do not have visibility into all levels of their supply chains and the ability to carry out due diligence of their third parties quickly and easily, they may be exposed to regulatory and reputational risk resulting in heavy fines. 

Managing your global supply chains and achieving 100% compliance does not need to be expensive and cumbersome. 

ethiXbase 360’s market-leading platform contains a series of interconnected modules creating a configurable, end-to-end third-party compliance solution to support every nuance of your third-party programme. 

We can help you to mitigate business risks, protect your reputation, ensure regulatory compliance and avoid penalties through efficient, configurable, and cost-effective third-party risk management solutions. 

Automate and streamline every stage of your third-party compliance. 

Get in touch today to learn more about the features and benefits of our solutions. 

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