Thailand: Anti-graft measures ‘must be retained’

Mana Nimitmongkol, secretary-general of the Anti-Corruption Organisation of Thailand (ACT), has called for rigorous anti-graft measures in the current constitution to be retained in any future charter amendments.

In a recent Facebook post, he said the 2012 hit-and-run case involving Red Bull scion Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya and the five-million-baht extortion case in parliament are proof that corruption is rife in state agencies.

The alleged extortion case involves several MPs in one of the sub-committees examining the 2021 fiscal budget.

They stand accused of demanding money from the Department of Groundwater Resources at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in exchange for letting its portion of the national budget pass scrutiny easily “with no trimming”.

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(Photo: Bangkok Post)

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