Taiwan: Prosecutors charge former judge over bribery allegations

The Taipei Shilin District Prosecutors’ Office has charged former judge Chen Mei-chin (陳梅欽) with financial fraud, possessing assets of unknown origin and other breaches of the Anti-Corruption Act (貪污治罪條例).

The indictment was made public earlier this week after the Ministry of Justice’s Agency Against Corruption launched an investigation in response to allegations that Chen took bribes and falsified records to obtain overtime pay, starting in 2012 when he was a judge at the Shilin District Court.

From 2012 to 2018, allegations were made that Chen persistently contravened the code of conduct for judges by meeting defense lawyers in private to discuss their cases and the bribes Chen allegedly required to make a decision in their favour.

Agency Against Corruption investigators said they found that Chen received a total of NT$15.37 million (US$540,113) in bribes up until 2018, including money from the unknown and undeclared origin that was transferred into Chen’s and his wife’s bank accounts at various intervals.

The article has been summarised and the original full article can be found at taipeitimes.com


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