Switzerland: Candidates in Mongolian elections face Swiss charges

Mongolia held parliamentary elections on June 24. Two of the candidates are currently under investigation by Swiss prosecutors, who suspect corruption linked to the granting of rights for a massive copper and gold mine in the Asian country.

Politically, the two are running in different provinces. Sangajav Bayartsogt, the former minister of finance, is representing the Democratic Party in the north of the country. Borkhuu Delgersaikhan, a businessman active in the mining sector, is running in the Western Gobi province.

In their various appearances in the run up to the elections, both put themselves forward in the best possible light. But as the Swiss Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has confirmed to swissinfo.ch, a legal case in the works here suggest they share a tarnished track record.

The full original article can be found at swissinfo.ch

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