South Korea: Samsung’s compliance body receives ‘constructive review’

Samsung’s self-created compliance committee received a constructive review from a court advisory panel, being recognized for its effectiveness as a watchdog in ensuring the country’s top conglomerate abided by the law and improved group-wide management transparency.

As the group’s leader Lee Jae-yong is undergoing a high court re-hearing over a bribery scandal involving jailed former president Park, it remains to be seen whether the group’s efforts to be as transparent as possible will affect the ruling.

The Seoul High Court recently made public the report of three experts who assessed the activities of Samsung’s compliance committee. The experts ― former Constitutional Court Judge Kang Il-won, attorney Kim Kyung-soo and accountant Hong Soon-tak ― submitted their 83-page final report to the court Dec. 14.

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(Photo: Reuters)

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