Singapore: Two men charged with accepting bribes of over $25,000 while supervising work at Chevron plant

Two men were charged in court on Wednesday (Sept 9) for accepting bribes amounting to over $25,000 while supervising work at an oil blending plant in Jalan Buroh, near West Coast Road.

Neo Gim Chwee, and Cheow Hock Mun, both 48, allegedly obtained the bribes from the director of LGC Engineering & Contractors (LGC), Lim Gim Chuan.

Both men were to “exercise leniency” over their supervision of work done by the engineering firm, said court documents.

Lim was sentenced to 10 weeks’ jail in June this year over his involvement in the case.

Neo, who faces four charges of corruption, is accused of accepting $5,000 from Lim four times between May 2015 and February 2016.

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