Singapore: Surbana Jurong rebuts talk of graft over Covid-19 facilities

Urban development and infrastructure consultancy Surbana Jurong has refuted what it called “unfounded accusations of profiteering and corruption” relating to its involvement in the setting up and operation of community care facilities (CCFs) for Covid-19 patients.

“These allegations are not only untrue, they are disrespectful of our colleagues who have made enormous sacrifices, including putting their health at risk, to deliver the projects under challenging conditions for the benefit of our community,” the Temasek-owned company said in a statement yesterday.

Its statement comes on the heels of several posts circulating on social media and messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, alleging that Surbana Jurong’s involvement in developing facilities like the one at Singapore Expo has led to conflicts of interest.

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(Photo: Straits Times: GAVIN FOO)

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