Singapore: Fourth man jailed for under-reporting Scoot baggage weight for bribes

A fourth man has been jailed for accepting bribes to under-report the weight of Scoot passengers’ baggage at Changi Airport.

On Monday (March 1), Mohammad Haris Mohammad Ali, 25, was jailed for two weeks and ordered to pay a penalty of $66 for corruption.

He was previously employed by Sats Asia-Pacific Star as a customer service associate (CSA).

His duties involved weighing passengers’ baggage and keying in the weight into the check-in computer system. If the weight exceeded the baggage allowance, he was to advise the passenger to either repack or pay for the excess baggage before it could be checked in for the flight.

But between April and May 2018, Mohammad Haris accepted at least six packets of cigarettes worth $66 from a man known only as Ahmad as a reward for helping Scoot passengers to under-report their baggage weight in the check-in computer system.

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