Singapore: CPIB found no evidence of corruption by Muis officer: Muis

A probe by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) into allegations of corruption levelled against a staff member of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) involved in halal certification works has concluded with no evidence of wrongdoing.

The findings follow internal investigations last year by Muis which found allegations of abuse of power were unfounded.

In a statement on Wednesday (June 30), the council said: “CPIB has since informed that they will not take any further action with regard to the allegations of corruption involving the Muis officer in view of insufficient evidence, based on the information submitted by various parties and their investigations.”

Muis had in December last year referred the allegations of corruption it received to the CPIB “in the interest of accountability and transparency”.

It had also conducted internal investigations, after receiving complaints between April and May last year, and found no instance of abuse of power. It further established that the recognition process for foreign halal certifying bodies (FHCB) was sound.

These findings were reviewed by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.

FHCBs are organisations Muis deems to have similar standards to its own when it comes to halal certification, and whose products are certified as halal, or fit for consumption by Muslims here, when imported into Singapore.

These organisations charge producers and manufacturers in their own countries a fee to certify products exported to Singapore as halal.

The complaints emerged after Muis started a process last year to delist some FHCBs. Articles in the Hong Kong-based news outlet Asia Sentinel then accused the council of showing favouritism in its recognition of FHCBs.

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