Saudi Arabia: Saudi ‘mini Ritz’ corruption crackdown evokes awe, fear

Hoards of cash, some of it squirrelled away in false ceilings and water tanks, have been seized in a widening anti-corruption crackdown in Saudi Arabia that has evoked both awe and fear.

The clampdown, which has ensnared top-ranking military officials as well as low-level bureaucrats, is widely dubbed as a “mini Ritz” operation, a reference to a 2017 swoop that saw princes and tycoons locked up in Riyadh’s Ritz-Carlton hotel on graft charges.

In dramatic gumshoe-style investigations published on state media, the official anti-corruption agency Nazaha says it has caught bribe-seekers “red-handed” in live raids and sniffed out illicit cash hidden in attics, an underground safe and even a mosque.

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(Photo: AFP)

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