Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabias “integrity” reveals hundreds of millions of riyals of corruption

The Supervision and Anti-Corruption Authority revealed in Saudi (Nazaha), on Thursday evening, about several corruption cases involving businessmen and government employees.

In the first of these cases, the government agency said in a statement, that “its investigations into suspicion of corruption, usufruct and exploitation of the influence of the public office of a number of municipal employees of one of the governorates in the Riyadh region, ended with the arrest of 13 government employees in the same entity, 4 businessmen, and 5 residents working Companies contracting with the municipality. ”

The “integrity” added that “inspecting the homes of the accused led her to find cash amounts that exceeded 193 million riyals, which were hidden in various places, most notably borrowed ceilings, a ground water tank, a service room in a mosque and an underground safe that was established in one of the rooms in the house of one of the defendants, at a depth of two meters “.

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