Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia’s anti-corruption authority arrests 65 as crackdown continues

The Kingdom’s Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) has arrested 65 Saudis and expats while 411 are still under investigation as the agency continues its crackdown against fraud, bribery and other crimes.

Among those incarcerated, 48 were government employees from seven different ministries. Others detained were employees from the Presidency of State Security, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority and the General Authority of Meteorology and Environment Protection.
The arrest charges include bribery, abuse of influence and power, as well as fraud and forgery.

“Nazaha is standing up against financial and administrative corruption,” Majed Garoub, a lawyer, told Arab News. “(The crackdown on corruption) is a reality and we’re witnessing its success every time we hear the good news of these arrests.”

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