Sanctions Risk Instant Questionnaire: Truly Understand Who You Work With

Is your third-party supply chain exposed to recent Russian sanctions? Do you fully understand your third-party shareholders and directors’ structure, and if one of them is associated with the sanctions? Have you considered what this might mean for your business and operations?

Gathering this critical information, and ensuring that you are protected, requires you to screen your third-party network of directors, ultimate beneficial owners and shareholders. One of your third-party’s directors/shareholders might hold one or multiple positions of influence in another entity that is associated with the sanctions.

We are pleased to announce the ethiXbase Sanctions Risk Instant Questionnaire to help you avoid costly lessons. We have devised a simple and automated short-form questionnaire that will instantly allow you to identify those third-parties that might be associated with a sanction risk.

Our New questionnaire is easy to implement and can be delivered to all or part of your third-parties within a day with the ethiXbase efficiency which our clients have come to know, love, and rely upon.

Ready to find out more?

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