Romania: Former Romanian tourism minister Elena Udrea and former president Basescu’s daughter get jail sentences in corruption case

The Bucharest Court of Appeal sentenced former tourism minister Elena Udrea, one of the most influential politicians in Romania during former president Traian Basescu’s regime, to eight years in jail.

Traian Basescu’s older daughter, Ioana Basescu, also received a five-year jail sentence in a corruption case related to the illegal financing of her father’s electoral campaign for the 2019 presidential elections. The sentences are not final and can be challenged at the High Court.

The Bucharest Court of Appeal found Udrea guilty for bribery and money laundering and also ruled the seizure of RON 1 mln (EUR 205,000) from the former minister. Udrea can file an appeal against this decision.

The Court also found Ioana Basescu guilty for embezzlement and instigation to money laundering.

Gheorghe Nastasia, a former secretary-general in the Tourism Ministry during Elena Udrea’s mandate, also received a six-year jail sentence for bribery. Two other defendants got suspended jail sentences, and journalist Dan Andronic was acquitted of all charges.

The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) sent this case to court in 2017.

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