Portugal: Government approves anti-corruption strategy on eve of hacker’s trial

Portugal’s government on Thursday approved for public discussion its National Strategy to Combat Corruption for the period 2020-2024, which it said identifies priorities and proposes measures to reduce the phenomenon in the country.

“This strategy, which resulted from the reflection of the working group set up for this purpose, identifies the priorities for reducing the phenomenon of corruption in Portugal, including: improving knowledge, training and institutional practices on transparency and integrity, preventing and detecting the risks of corruption in the public sector, strengthening the link between public and private institutions and producing and disseminating reliable information on a regular basis on the phenomenon of corruption,” the government said in a statement released after the cabinet meeting at which the document was approved.

According to the statement, besides recognising the need to adjust some aspects of the system to prevent and punish corruption, the government considers “it essential to strengthen and enhance the mechanisms for prevention and detection of … corruption and related crimes.”

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