How can we all play a part in eradicating Modern Slavery?

Slavery exists in every part of the world and is not a problem that can be ignored. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how you can play your part in eradicating modern slavery. 


Everyone has the right to be free, to feel safe, and to live a life free of slavery. You may think that slavery is a thing of the past but in reality, it’s not.  


The International Labour Organisation estimates that today there are approximately 40 million victims of slavery around the world. As complex as it seems, slavery remains one the most pressing issues of our time. We all know that slavery is bad, but not everybody understands what it is and how it affects those impacted by it.  

“We know that great things can be accomplished when people are drawn together by a common vision,” says Matt Friedman, CEO of the Mekong Club and International Human Trafficking Expert.



Slavery exists in every part of the world and is not a problem that can be ignored. When it comes to eradicating modern slavery, how can we all play our part? What can we do as individuals to make the world slavery free?

Our international expert panel includes:

Matt Friedman

Mekong Club

Martin Money

Managing Director, APAC

Michael Short

Co-founder & Managing Director
Special Projects

Steve Thurley​

Managing Director

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What modern slavery is and its impacts 
  • Real-life stories of those impacted by slavery and human trafficking  
  • Solutions: How can we all play our part?
  • Measures: Practical steps to prevent modern slavery in supply chains 
  • Superhero: An example of great courage and inspiration

Webinar Recording

Europe Session

Asia Pacific Session

Modern Slavery Questionnaire

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