Philippines: Duterte: ‘I offered to resign as president because I am sick of corruption’

President Rodrigo Duterte revealed on Monday he offered to resign as president because of the rampant corruption in the country.

“I offered to resign as president, sabi ko kasi nagsasawa na ako, (because I said I’m sick of it [corruption])” Duterte expressed during his weekly national address.

The President added that through his vast experience as a government official, he admitted that corruption cannot be stopped.

“Even with the investigation or the clamor for government to shake the tree, wala, hanggang ngayon (nothing, until now) it’s being committed every day. Can you stop it? You cannot, there is no way,” said Duterte.

Duterte mentioned in his speech that he is ready to appear before legislators on enacting laws to curb corruption in the government.

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(Photo: AP)

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