Peru: Peru facing political upheaval as President Martín Vizcarra ousted over corruption allegations

Peru’s Congress has ousted President Martín Vizcarra in an impeachment vote over corruption allegations, prompting immediate tensions in the Andean nation.

Mr Vizcarra, 57, said he would accept the Congress vote and would not take any legal action to counter it.

“Today I am leaving the presidential palace. Today I am going home,” Mr Vizcarra said during a speech late on Monday local time.

He was surrounded by his Cabinet in the courtyard of the presidential residence in Lima.

In the second effort to remove the centrist Mr Vizcarra in a matter of months, the opposition-dominated Congress put forward 105 votes to oust him over accusations that, as a governor, he accepted bribes from companies that won public works contracts.

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(Photo: Andres Valle, Peruvian Presidency/AFP/File)

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