Pakistan: Pizza corruption scandal risks dragging China into Pakistan’s domestic affairs

A former army general who was last year put in charge of China’s belt and road projects in Pakistan have become embroiled in a corruption scandal, once again dragging Beijing into its close ally’s dirty domestic politics.

Pakistan’s government and powerful military have worked hard to suppress the mainstream media’s coverage of allegations that retired lieutenant general Asim Saleem Bajwa’s family built a multimillion-dollar US-based business that grew in parallel to his ascent through the ranks. The allegations were made in a report published last month by the independent news website FactFocus, co-founded by renowned Pakistani investigative journalist Ahmad Noorani.

The report claims that Bajwa failed to declare his wife’s stake in the business – the single largest franchise holder for US pizza chain Papa John’s – when he submitted details of his wealth to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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