Northern Ireland: Department of Justice consults on tackling modern slavery

The Department of Justice has launched a public consultation on a draft 2021/22 Modern Slavery Strategy for Northern Ireland.

The aim of the strategy is to equip Northern Ireland to eradicate modern slavery through a collaborative partnership between law enforcement agencies, front line professionals and the general public to raise awareness of human trafficking and slavery-like offenses, support victims, and bring offenders to justice.

The strategic priorities are to PURSUE the criminals who are exploiting the vulnerable, PROTECT, and support victims and PREVENT others from falling prey to modern slavery.

Justice Minister, Naomi Long, said: “On 18 October, we are marking Anti-Slavery Day. Modern slavery is a heinous crime that does not discriminate on gender, age or ethnicity. Traffickers are criminals who exploit and deceive individuals into a life of forced abuse and servitude.  It is often sadly a hidden crime and we will never know the true scale of modern slavery.

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