Modern Slavery Reporting in Australia: Are you familiar with your reporting obligations?


Think modern slavery has ended? Think again.

Modern Slavery still exists in the WORLD. 

Here’s some staggering statistics: 

  • More than 40.3 million people are trapped in slavery worldwide and 1 in 4 of them are children 
  • Globally, slavery generates as much as $150bn (£116bn) in profits every year 
  • Over 1,900 people in Australia are victims of modern slavery and only 1 in 5 victims are detected in Australia 

Modern slavery is an appalling abuse of human beings for profit and it is a global problem, happening in every country in the world. Modern slavery distorts global markets and undercuts responsible businesses. 

It is imperative that all businesses are committed to addressing modern slavery within their operations.Every single business, big or small, has a part to play in ending it. Business can be a key driver of social change and it’s time for business leaders to demand that slavery, forced labour and violence play no part in their companies and their supply chains. 

Are you familiar with your Modern Slavery reporting obligations? 

By March 2021,it is required by law for companies operating in Australia withannual consolidated revenues of AUD100 million or more to report actions to assess and address modern slavery risks in their global operations. 

Are you prepared? 

The clock is ticking. 

We can helto assess and identify modern slavery risk within your supply chain through our Modern Slavery Questionnaire. 

Providing you with a user-friendly analytics dashboard,offering a real-time picture of the supply chain. 

At ethiXbase, we help to elevate sustainability in your supply chain and empower you to make informed sustainable business decisions.  

Ready to find out more?

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