Is your business compliant with global Modern Slavery legislation?


It is the year 2021,but Modern Slavery still exists in this world.

According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO),global reports revealthat 

  • about 40 million people are trapped in Modern Slavery; 
  • women and girls are disproportionately affected by modern slavery, accounting for almost 29 million, or 71 per cent of the overall total.  
  • 152 million children in child labour  

In a movement to end labour exploitations,companies are urged to protect workforces against Modern Slavery risks. 

Is your business compliant with the Modern Slavery Act? 

Are you fully confident that your company does not indirectly participate in modern slavery practices and inhumane exploitation? 

We can help to identify, assess and manage modern slavery risk within your supply chain through our Modern Slavery Questionnaire. 

Providing you with a user-friendly analytics dashboard, offering a real-time picture of the supply chain. 

At ethiXbase, we help to elevate sustainability in your supply chain and empower you to make informed sustainable business decisions.  

Elevate your supply chain and take the step in eradicating Modern Day Slavery with  today. 

Ready to find out more?

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