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The Modern Slavery Supply Chain Risk Assessment Questionnaire brings together the human rights expertise of Norton Rose Fulbright, a global law firm*, with the ethiXbase 360 powerful Third-Party Risk Management Platform to help your business identify, mitigate, and manage modern slavery risk and human rights abuses across your supply and manufacturing chains.

Assessing Modern Slavery Risk in Your Supply Chain

According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), at any given time an estimated 40.3 million people globally are in modern slavery, which includes 24.9 million in forced labour. In recognition of this reality many governments across the globe have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, Modern Slavery reporting requirements which require organisations to report publicly on the steps they are taking to combat slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains. The effect of this reporting requirement is that companies will need to examine their supply chains to identify whether there is a risk of modern slavery occurring, before they can report on the steps they are undertaking to combat modern slavery.


To aid corporates to satisfy these reporting requirements and assess Modern Slavery risk within their supply chains, ethiXbase has collaborated with a global law firm* Norton Rose Fulbright to develop our Modern Slavery Questionnaire – a supply chain risk assessment which combines a questionnaire and risk computations for third parties to help businesses identify the potential for human rights abuses across their supply and manufacturing chains.


The Modern Slavery Questionnaire, which applies know-how developed by Norton Rose Fulbright using their global expertise, focuses on a critical area of reputational and increasingly legal risk and is offered via the ethiXbase 360 Third-Party Risk Management Platform and is an integral component of the ethiXbase Human Rights Module.



If you would like to know how ethiXbase can help to assess modern slavery risk within your supply chain and learn how the Modern Slavery Questionnaire can help your business, reach out to us for a consultative discussion. 


The Modern Slavery Questionnaire applies a weighted equation (including jurisdictional, industry and contractual risk factors) to identify, across the entire supplier database, salient areas of concern.


To do so, the questionnaire relies on a variety of normalised data sources ranging from political and economic country risk to the Walk Free Foundation’s Global Slavery Index, measuring the suppliers risk profile via a direct automated questionnaire administered to third-party suppliers and hosted online.

Benefits for Users

Effectively maps supply
chain and identifies potential 

modern slavery risks

Seamless third-party
onboarding to create a singular view of the supply chain

Analytics dashboard providing a real-time picture of your supply chain

Opportunity to leverage automated workflows to save up to 80% of admin time in the administration and management supplier responses

Enables board reporting in relation to supply chain risks and the impact of strategies to manage that risk

Risk ratings based on

legal know-how
and global data

Key Indicators to Assess Modern Slavery Risk

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Connected Components

The Modern Slavery Questionnaire will be offered via the ethiXbase 360 Third-Party Risk Management Platform and is an integral component of the ethiXbase Human Rights Module, which has been designed to help organisations identify and act on human rights risks within in their supply chain. 


Other components of the ethiXbase Human Rights Module include:


  • Advanced Perceived Risk Assessment
  • Risk-Based Due Diligence
  • Policy and Code Management
  • Third-Party Training

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