Mexico: Mexico’s ‘anti-graft’ president hit with videos of brother accepting cash

A week ago, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was on a roll with his anti-corruption campaign, boosted by a video of rivals counting piles of cash and leaked testimony that could bring down more opponents.

But after two videos surfaced Thursday, showing his brother taking packets of cash from a state political operator three years before the president was elected, Lopez Obrador finds himself in a fight to regain his own integrity as a crusader against graft.

Over the weekend, the two recordings from 2015 made their rounds on social media, implicating the leader’s allies in illegal financing antics.

For a populist president who’s used a widening corruption probe into past administrations to boost his Morena party ahead of legislative and state elections next year, the developments have now left him on the defensive in a week of what he described as unprecedented political drama and head-turning accusations.

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(Photo: REUTERS/Henry Romero)

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