Malta: Prosecutors detail Yorgen Fenech money laundering case

Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers have denounced what they described as a ‘frenzy to persecute’ their client as a court heard money laundering charges against him appeared half-baked.

The magistrate hearing the money laundering case recently filed against Yorgen Fenech is to decree on whether or not there are sufficient grounds, at first glance, for him to stand trial.

Fenech is accused of laundering and misappropriating funds from a company that he owns with his uncle Ray Fenech.

Presiding magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech turned down a recusal request filed by Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers as the case was called this morning.

Lawyers Cinzia Azzopardi Alamango and Marthese Grech from the Office of the Attorney General summoned the investigating police officer, Inspector Brian Camilleri to the stand, who read at length from WhatsApp chats between Fenech and others, which he said gave rise to suspicion of criminal plans.

This hours-long endeavour exasperated the magistrate who pointed out that a summary could have been read out in court as the chats themselves were to be presented as evidence.

Magistrate Frendo Dimech was also incredulous at the fact that there was no request to close the inquiry yet and said that this was unlikely to be completed by the next sitting.

From online gaming activity, €5,000 went to Nicholas Cachia’s account. Meanwhile €40,000 went into another account belonging to a third party, said the inspector.

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