Malaysia: Malaysia’s graft buster finds $1.1m cash, luxury yacht, two helicopters in project syndicate raid

Malaysia’s Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) found a total of RM3.5 million (S$1.13 million) in cash when it raided a house belonging to a 47-year-old Datuk, believed to be the ringleader of a syndicate that made bids for billions in government contracts using hundreds of shell companies.

MACC investigators also discovered in the raid on Monday (April 5) that the Datuk amassed an extraordinary amount of wealth and assets, including a luxury yacht and two helicopters.

Luxury cars worth RM15.7 million as well as real estate including bungalows, a shophouse and an office worth RM29 million were also seized in a series of raids conducted by the graft busters since Monday.

Sources said 644 bank accounts belonging to individuals and companies, estimated at RM100 million, were also frozen in the course of the investigation.

They said that with the help of insiders in ministries and agencies, the syndicate had had an advantage in securing government contracts and tenders.

It is learnt that the syndicate leader controls more than 150 shell companies that were used to submit bids for government contracts, especially those involving facility maintenance and development projects.

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