Malaysia: Glovemaker Brightway Holdings faces multiple probes over ‘modern day slavery’

The Labour Department says it will open 30 investigation papers over glove manufacturer Brightway Holdings’ failure to comply with various housing standards under a newly-enforced law.

The human resources ministry said the decision to open the investigation papers came after raids on two of the company’s subsidiaries over the past week, with minister M Saravanan describing the squalid conditions for foreign workers as “modern day slavery”.

If convicted, the company could face a RM50,000 fine for each offence, or a total fine of RM1.5 million. All of the investigation papers are at the final stage of preparation before submission to the department’s prosecutors, the human resources ministry said in a statement.

Located in Kajang, La Glove (M) Sdn Bhd was raided on Monday, with the Labour Department finding 781 workers living in two blocks of shipping containers stacked three storeys high.

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