Lieferkettengesetz Questionnaire

A compliance questionnaire enabling you to assess your supply chain and comply with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, the Lieferkettengesetz (LkSG). Service your 1st January requirements with ethiXbase.

Businesses in Germany, will be mandated from 1 January 2023 to comply with Supply Chain Due Diligence Legislation.

By utilising the ethiXbase Lieferkettengesetz Questionnaire, you can guarantee compliance with the latest legislative developments and reporting.

We have partnered with global law firm, Norton Rose Fulbright, to design a supply chain due diligence questionnaire and risk assessment that enables compliance with the supply chain due diligence mandates of the Lieferkettengesetz (LkSG) legislation in Germany.

The module provides a comprehensive supply chain risk assessment on the stipulated by the legislation including: human rights impact, environmental risks, security, compliance controls, documentation and more. You will be able to gather results  on these topics from your wider supply chain enabling  compliant reporting in alignment with German legislation.


Questionnaires will be sent and delivered via the ethiXbase 360 third-party risk management platform with market leading response rates. Using this, you will receive analytic responses from suppliers as to their steps to mitigate supply chain issues. You will be able to ensure compliance and take the necessary measures to raise awareness and standards of sustainability within your supply chain, report on your programmes effectiveness and track improvement over time.

Why ethiXbase works

Effective platform based solution

The Lieferkettengesetz Questionnaire and program is delivered and managed via the ethiXbase 360 third-party risk assessment platform, which allows mandatory compliance functions to be seamlessly integrated into your compliance procedures and business operations. You will be able to view and manage third parties as well as send, receive and analyse the results all in one place. This process is convenient, efficient and enables effective end-to-end third-party compliance.

Excellent reporting and compliance assured

The questionnaire, designed by Norton Rose Fulbright, comprehensively covers the topics addressed by German legislation, ensuring that you will be compliant with the legislation while also allowing you to lead at the forefront of sustainable supply chain best practices. A sustainable supply chain is crucial to future-proofing your business and these measures are integral to delivering this.

Your Risk Management System

How to validate sanctions screening with our end-to-end process – The below is all available on ethiXbase 360

Rank and rate
your supply chain

Score your suppliers on their responses to the LkSG compliance questionnaire and evaluate their performance in relation to both previous scores, indicating progression, as well as average performance.

Escalate due diligence
where risk is identified

Escalate due diligence as required on select high risk suppliers. This enables you to manage issues as well as take remediating action, leading to improved standards.

Our questionnaires are multi-lingual and can be disseminated in German and other local languages to suit individual global suppliers. This ensures maximum coverage and prevents delays.

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