Libya: Anti-corruption official abducted by government-tied militia

One of Libya’s top anti-corruption officials has been abducted by a militia tied to the Interior Ministry in the capital, the Audit Bureau said, the latest twist in a long-running contest over the country’s vast wealth.

The abduction of Reda Gergab, the bureau’s administrative director, brought deep tensions in the Tripoli-based administration to the surface at a time of worsening economic crisis. The Audit Bureau is an independent body appointed by the Libyan Parliament in Tripoli and is a rare check on the misappropriation of funds in the oil-rich country.

“It is regrettable that the body entrusted by the community to implement the law is violating it,” the audit bureau said in a statement, accusing the Interior Ministry of “forcibly disappearing” Gergab to prevent him from uncovering financial irregularities and blocking the ministry’s large and suspicious transactions.

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(Photo: Hiro Komae/AP)

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