Kuwait: Human trafficking, money laundering: Kuwait court bins MP Papul’s plea for release

A Kuwait court has rejected Laxmipur-2 lawmaker Shahid Islam Papul’s plea for release after the hearing of a case accusing him of human trafficking, money laundering, bribing and threatening the state security.

Kuwait’s Criminal Court headed by Counselor Abdullah Al-Othman yesterday also decided to postpone the trial of the accused in the case until October 1, reported Kuwait-based Arabic newspaper Al Qabas.

The court further detained three other Bangladeshi nationals accused in the case, who were previously released from the prosecution.

Kuwaiti MPs Saadoun Hammad, Salah Khorshid, along with Shahid Islam, who were accused of taking bribes to facilitate Papul’s businesses in Kuwait, were not present during the hearing yesterday.

The original full article can be found at thedailystar.net

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